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Fun Fact​

​The word “tax” is from the Latin taxo, meaning “I estimate.”

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So perhaps your wondering why we do what we do.

Well, its not for a love of going blind with paperwork, its not for cushy office hours,

(we commonly end up working hours before and after regular closing).

Yes, we obviously have our own bills to pay and families that need provision,

yet there is a deeper reason for us being here day after day. 

​We live in a very complicated world, and frankly some of the services we offer are simply beyond the ability of most anyone  who is not investing thier entire lives into understanding them completely.

The Nasa Shuttle Crew Operations Manual

(as in how to operate a machine that flys into outer friggin space) is less than 1,200 pages.

Would you try going flying the shuttle without reading it first?

Yet many people make that very choice with their taxes, as the  U.S. tax code in 2010 was 70,000 pages long. And the IRS has the power to take everything you have from you, and if it is determined you were intentionally cheating you could face imprisonment.​​

Many times people get into tax trouble not because of malice or trying to get away with something, but simply because they are out of their depth and are doing the best they can. Unfortunately the IRS, stock market, insurance companies or the world in general does not care about whether you did your best or not. So many people suffer because they did not (or could not) have someone help them with these matters.

We are here to make this much needed help as accessible and affordable as possible.