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Are annuities the right choice for me?

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Thank you for considering Hale Accounting ​for your Retirement planning and Annuity servies. 

A carefully constructed plan composed by an experienced professional can create effectual change in  your retirement, reinforcing your ability to make your life's sunset is a golden one. 

So stop by Hale Accounting in beautiful Payson, AZ

to discuss your plans and let us reassure you of our commitment to making your dreams a reality 

Well that is a great question, and your certainly not the first to ask it. 

Whether you should pursue an annuity is determined by many factors including what your financial status is now, what type of income streams you currently have, and what kind of annuity your looking at.

Variable. Fixed. Immediate. Deferred. Annuities aren't insured, so what risk am I taking? Why the annual fees? 

What are surrender penalties and why are they up to 15 or more years long? How much can my annuity produce? 

How should I set up my annuity to maximize my tax advantages? These are just some of the questions that crop up when you begin looking at annuities. 

As you can likely guess, this is too broad of a topic to be tackling on a website, as they very much depend upon your individual circumstances. 

We highly encourage you to come by our office, or call us so we can help you sort through these matters. Try not to let complexity of this topic scare you away from annuities, as they can be well worth the effort when you have an someone with experience to help set it up.